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How To Remove Contacts From Get Response

We don’t want to do it but there comes a time where we have to remove contacts from Get Response that do not open our emails.

But more is better right?

We’d all love to have a humongous list and it will come with time but what’s the point if half of them are deadwood who have never opened an email once or contacts that lost interest and couldn’t be bothered unsubscribing.  This gives us false hope and creates poor open rates! 


Low open rates and and an unresponsive list can give you a bad reputation with your email provider and they may limit the amount of emails going to your hot contacts, people who are interested in what you have to say!

Now, you’re going to be alarmed so make sure you’re sitting down!

Half of your list may be dud especially if you’ve bought solo ads and you didn’t know what you were doing – here ye here ye.  (Solo ads are a great way to build a list fast but they’re a different kettle of fish from Facebook Ads and Instagram leads.  If you don’t know your stuff, Traffic Providers may provide ghost contacts.  They’re there but they’re not!

Just think about the lists that you are subscribed too… you probably un-open many of them and just delete their content on a regular basis an opposed to unsubscribing.  

Watch the 7 minute video below on How To Remove Contacts From Get Response.


How to remove contacts from Get Response


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